Project Description

Declumping machine with Sorting set

The Declumping machine with Sorting set is designed to declump and sort mussels.

The mussels, whether or not clumped, are fed to the Declumping machine at the top of the installation. In the Declumping machine the mussel bunches are separated by brushes. Via the underside of the Declumping machine the separated mussels and the waste come on the Sorting machine. On the Sorting machine, the consumption mussels are separated from the waste by means of sorting rollers.

The Declumping machine with Sorting set is available as a stand-alone machine or in combination with other processing machines.


  • Compact arrangement
  • Can be used as a mobile unit
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low water consumption


  • Capacity approximately 3000 kg per hour (maximum capacity depending on the product)
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Voltage: 230/400 Volt
Declumping machine with Sorting set

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