Harvesting machine with distribution arm

The Harvesting machine with distribution arm is designed to harvest mussel seeds growing on mussel spat rope (Mussel seed catching installations).

The Harvesting machine with distribution arm is made up of machines listed below.

  • Rope guide wheel
  • Scraper with rotating flaps or rotary brushes
  • Rope distribution arm

Via the Rope guide wheel the rope with the mussel seed is pulled over the buoy of the cotter. A hinge is fitted in the frame of the Rope-guide wheel so that the Rope-guide wheel always stays in line with the rope. Separating the mussel seed from the rope is then done in 2 steps:

  • The rope with mussel seed is pulled through a small hole. Most of the mussel seeds falls off the rope.
  • Rotating flaps or brushes remove the last residue.

The cleaned rope is stored in Big-bags with the aid of the Rope distribution arm. The Big-bags are placed in the hold, the Rope distribution arm can be positioned above each Big-bag.


  • Little damage to the harvested mussel seed
  • Very effective
  • Compact arrangement
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Easy maintenance


  • Drive: 230/400 Volt or hydraulic
  • Dimensions and capacity in consultation

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