Project Description

PC80 Pressure cooker

The PC80 Pressure cooker is designed to cook mussels and many other products which require a high temperature.

The product to be steamed goes into a stainless steel basket. This basket is placed on the carriage’s carrying arms. On this carriage the lid of the kettle is also attached. After the rolling closure and locking of the lid, the automatic cooking cycle is started. After closing the kettle, the steam pressure is increased to the desired pressure with a maximum pressure of 4 bar. After the steam cycle, the duration of which is adjustable, the pressure is released and the lid can be opened. The basket with the product then comes out. The cooking fluid is collected in the blow off tube and can be drained if desired to be used for further purposes.


  • High efficiency
  • Simple construction
  • Easy operation
  • High degree of filling
  • Collecting cooking liquid


  • Capacity approximately 1500 kg mussels per hour
  • Materials: stainless steel and polyethylene
  • Voltage: 230/400 Volt
  • Air pressure: 8 bar
  • L x w x h: 2150 x 950 x 2100 mm


  • Bottom side unloading system
  • Expand with an automatic loading / unloading system
  • Expand with a second carriage and lid to create separate spaces
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