KK160 Cooker for shrimps

Conventional cooker met tilting basket. The KK160 Cooker is a simple solution for cooking shrimps on board.

The cooker consists of an insulated stainless steel shell with water reservoir. In the water reservoir hangs the tilting basket in which the fresh shrimp are cooked. After the desired cooking time, the tilting basket removes the shrimps from the water by manual or electrical operation.

The cooker is equipped with a conventional evaporation burner or a self-propelled burner wich injects fuel at high pressure for clean and economical combustion.

The insulation can consist of a lightweight thermal insulation blanket or a single-piece moisture resistant concrete insulation.


  • Lightweight by thermal insulation blanket
  • Single-piece moisture resistant concrete insulation
  • Low maintenance required
  • Simple construction; tilting basket, inner kettle and burner are easy to replace
  • Thermal insulation blanket is easy to replace and available from stock


  • Water content 160 liter
  • Capacity approximately 400 kg per hour
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Fuel: diesel
  • External blower
  • L x w x h: 1165 x 850 x 1450 mm
  • Weight with thermal insulation blanket: 230 kg (excluding water)
  • Weight with concrete insulation: 600 kg (excluding water)


  • Self-starting, economical burner with 230 Volt control
  • Electric or hydraulically operated tilting basket
  • Single-piece concrete insulation
  • Small cooker KK80
    • L x w x h: 825 x 625 x 1100 mm
    • Weight with thermal insulation blanket: 130 kg (excluding water)
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