Glazing conveyor for shrimps

The Glazing conveyor for shrimps is designed to provide frozen shrimps with an ice layer. This to prevent dehydration of the shrimps.

The frozen shrimp are transported through a water spray. In the water spray the shrimp are turned so that the bottom is also sprayed. The water spray freezes on the shrimp and forms a thin layer of ice. By varying the transport speed and the amount of water spray, the ice layer thickness can be adjusted as desired.


  • Easy operation
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Easy maintenance
  • Very effective


  • Materials: stainless steel and polyethylene
  • Voltage: 230/400 Volt
  • L x w x h: 3700 x 1765 x 1675 mm
  • Water consumption: ± 1000 liters per hour

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