AKK220 / AKK300 Automatic Cooker for shrimps

The AKK220 / AKK300 Automatic Cooker is designed for cooking shrimps on board. The cooking process is completed automatically after one-time adjustment.

The fresh shrimp are brought into the buffer box. The buffer box is placed on the underside of the machine. Via a conveyor a shredded amount of shrimp is transported from the buffer box to the upper cooker drum. The cooker drum slowly rotates in the boiling water. Because the cooker drum has a spiral, the shrimp move to the other side of the drum. Here comes the cooked shrimps through a gutter from the drum and are transported to a rinsing machine by means of flowing seawater. The cooking time and amount of shrimps per batch are adjustable on the control panel. The rinse cycle of the rinsing machine is also set on the control panel.


  • Very compact construction
  • Excellent quality cooked shrimp
  • Fuel saving by heat recovery from flue gas discharge
  • Single-piece concrete insulation
  • Central control on deck
  • Labor and time saving
  • Easy maintenance
  • The water level is automatically maintained
  • Automatic rinse cycle for a rinse machine

Specifications (AKK220):

  • Water content 220 liter
  • Capacity approximately 300 kg per hour (Assuming a cooking time of 3 minutes and 15 kg batches)
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Drive: 230/400 Volt
  • Fuel: diesel
  • L x w x h: 1325 x 1130 x 1575 mm
  • Weight: 850 kg


  • Temperature monitoring and reading
  • Additional control from cabin
  • Matching rinse machine with search table and conveyor
  • Extended machine AKK300 wth specifications as below:
    • Water content 300 liter
    • Capacity approximately 300 kg per hour (Assuming a cooking time of 3 minutes and 15 kg batches)
    • L x w x h: 1525 x 1130 x 1575 mm
    • Weight: 925 kg
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